Can I Change the Sitemap Priority?

Last update: 17 January, 2017

This is an optional sitemap field that informs search engines which pages you consider more important than other pages on your site.

3.5.X and Newer

After talking to some Googlers, we’ve decided to remove the priority variables from our XML Sitemaps in the 3.5 version of Yoast SEO as Google has said publicly that they don’t use them on most sites.

Version 3.4.X and earlier

This guide is written for advanced users and developers. Looking for a web developer to customize our plugin? We highly recommend checking out Code Poet as they have a great list of available freelance WordPress developers.

The following filters are available for changing the sitemap priority: 'wpseo_xml_sitemap_post_priority' and 'wpseo_xml_post_type_archive_priority'. The filters are documented in the class-sitemaps.php file.

Advanced User Tip: You can find a great tutorial for implementing this filter here.

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