Date Appears In Search Results

In some cases, Google displays date information in their search results. WordPress, along with many themes, automatically add hatom microformats onto your posts and, sometimes your pages.

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But, the Yoast SEO dates are disabled.

The Yoast SEO date setting applies to the snippet preview you see on your post in the Yoast SEO meta box. This does not impact whether or not Google shows a date but, instead, allows you to adjust the snippet preview to match how Google handles your site.

Why is the date is wrong?

There are a number of ways that Google determines the date of your post. Most commonly, a plugin or theme adds a date to the article. Please view the page source of your post to see if the date in invalid inside the code.

If the invalid date is within your source code, there is something inside WordPress or possibly your server that has stored an invalid date. If the date in within the Yoast SEO data, please contact support.

If the invalid date is not within the source code, you are likely embedding a video or other piece of information that Google has used to date your post.

How Can I Remove The Date From Search Results?

While it's possible to remove date information, it's not always a simple process. There are a handful of plugins that offer date removal features here.

If the plugin directory doesn't offer what you need, you or your developer can manually remove dates from your theme.

Developer Tip: This code might help you get started.

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