I don’t see the Yoast internal linking metabox

Last update: 05 January, 2018



REST API Required

The Yoast internal linking meta box was introduced in Yoast SEO for WordPress Premium 4.0 and requires WordPress 4.7 or higher which includes native support for the REST API. You can check your current WordPress version by clicking on the WordPress logo in the top-left corner in your WordPress installation.

If you are running an older WordPress version, you must install the WordPress REST API plugin (Version 2). To install the REST API plugin you can go to your WordPress admin dashboard and search for “rest api”, it should be the first result.


The link suggestions in the internal linking meta box are currently only available if your site language is one listed below. This is because we hand-craft the algorithm to work for each language individually. We are always hard at work at adding support for new languages. If you want to help us add a language, please reach out using our contact form.

Supported Languages

  • English- Requires 4.0 or newer version
  • German – Requires 4.1 or newer version
  • Dutch – Requires 4.2 or newer version
  • Spanish – Requires 4.3 or newer version
  • French – Requires 5.0 or newer version
  • Italian – Requires 5.1 or newer version

Custom post types

The link suggestions meta box is shown on posts and only suggests posts. We will be adding custom post types in the future. We want to do this very carefully to make sure we are always suggesting something useful in the meta box.

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