Error: Download failed. Unauthorized

Last update: 10 August, 2017

If you have a valid license and see this error, please deactivate and reactivate the license.

When trying to update your premium Yoast plugin, you can encountered the following error:

An error occurred while updating Yoast SEO Premium: Download failed. Unauthorized

Example of an update error


If you see this error, your license is invalid or has expired, and thus you will not receive updates for the plugin.

In rare cases, you may see this error for valid licenses, most commonly if you are using an old version.


If you're unsure about the expiration date of your license, you can have us resend your purchase receipt and check the order date. Your plugin is valid until one year after the order date (unless renewed).

License Has Expired

Please activate automatic updates to receive the latest, secure, version of the plugin.

License Has Not Exipred

If your license has not expired, please deactivate and reactivate the license and try the update again.

Automatic updates will not work for versions older than 3.5. Please manually update your plugin to the newest version to activate automatic updates.

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