Facebook Sharing Not Working

Last update: 29 September, 2017

Or: how to update Facebook sharing data

If you’ve updated your social settings or metadata for an article and aren’t getting the right details in Facebook yet, you might need to force update Facebook’s cache of that page. To do that, go to the Facebook debug tool, enter the URL you wish to update and click scrape again. After that you should be ok.

  • Go to the Facebook debug tool.
  • Enter the URL you wish to update.
  • Click ‘Debug’ Facebook Debug
  • Under ‘When and how we last scraped the URL”, click ‘Scrape Again’. Facebook Scrape Again
  • Look at the ‘Link Preview’. If this is correct, you’re done.
  • If not, check the ‘Warnings That Should Be Fixed’ section for any errors. Fix errors and repeat these steps.
  • If there are no warnings to be fixed, click on ‘Show All Raw Tags’ to review the actual information Facebook received. If the tags are incorrect, run a conflict check.

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