I have been given a training course.

Please note: MyYoast and Yoast Academy are now one and the same account.

After you have been given a Yoast Academy training course, you are sent an email with proof of enrollment for every unique course you have been enrolled in. If you did not have one yet, a MyYoast account has automatically been created for you when you were enrolled in the course.

Your login details for Yoast Academy

There are a few different possibilities:

  • If this is your first product from Yoast, you need to set a password for your MyYoast account. Use this password on future logins.

On November 22nd we merged the separate Academy accounts with the existing MyYoast accounts. From now on you will no longer need separate accounts for MyYoast and Yoast Academy.

  • If you already had both accounts registered with the same email address, they will be merged. From now on you should use your MyYoast login details for the Academy.
  • If you didn’t have a MyYoast account, but did have a Yoast Academy account, a MyYoast account will be set up automatically and you can use your Academy login details for your new MyYoast account.
  • If none of your old login details seem to work, you can always reset your password for your MyYoast account.

Access your courses via MyYoast

Go to the Courses/Enrollments tab in MyYoast to find all courses that you have purchased yourself as well as all courses you are enrolled in.

In the Courses/Progress tab you can find all the courses in which you are enrolled. From here, you can also continue or start with these courses.

Access your courses directly

You can directly access your courses here.

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