Google News doesn’t show recently published articles

Websites must submit a request to be included and be accepted before articles appear in Google News. If you have not submitted your website, please follow the steps here.

Google News articles are time sensitive and crawled more often than other parts of your site. If a recently published article doesn't appear in Google News, the Google News Publisher Center offers a troubleshooting method that can help.

  1. Go to the Google News Publisher Center.

    If prompted, log in using your Google account.

  2. Under My Sites, confirm that your website shows 'Included (News Index)'.

    If not included, please follow the steps here.Google News Publisher Center My Sites

  3. Click the 'Details' button for your website.

    Verify that the URL of your site exactly matches the URL that loads for your homepage, including http/https and www or non-www.

  4. In the sidebar, click 'Troubleshooting'.

  5. Enter the full URL for the missing article in the 'Article URL' field.

  6. Click 'Test'.

    If the test is successful, the article should appear in Google News shortly.
    If the test returns an error, please check the error list here for more information.Google News Publisher Center Troubleshooting Article

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