Google Search Console: My Site Is Not Listed

If no profiles appear, please see the article here: Google Search Console: No profiles found

Our plugin connects to Google and retrieves a list of sites you have permission to access. To do this, you must add your site to Google Search Console and Google's API must allow us to access the site details.

  1. Reset your Google Search Console authentication code

    Reset the authentication code with these steps to remove the current connection.

  2. Open the Search Console API reference page here.

  3. Click 'Execute' button in the sidebar.

    If you have a long list of sites, adding 'siteEntry/siteUrl' to the fields parameter will output a list of only URLs.

  4. Scroll through the response entries to ensure your site is listed.

    If your site is not listed in the response, please add your site to Google Search Console here.

  5. Connect to Google Search Console again.

    Connect to Google Search Console again with these steps to force our plugin to retrieve a fresh copy of the current crawl errors.

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