How do I read the ebook?

In order to read our eBooks, you will need a computer or device with the ability to open one of our eBook formats. Our eBooks are written in English, however, Google Translate can translate the PDF version here.

A few examples of devices for reading an ebook are

  • A computer with eBook reader software,
  • An eBook reader such as a Kindle, or
  • An Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), Windows 8, or Windows Phone device using an eBook reader app.
Zip files must be extracted to view the individual ebook files. Most desktop and laptop computers come pre-installed with a program to extract zip files. Tablet and mobile devices may require installing a zip app to extract the ebook files.

Kindle Version

Amazon offers many Kindle devices and apps for reading .mobi files. Here are some links that you may find helpful when opening the Kindle version.

Note: Due to Amazon limitations, the ebook will not appear in your Kindle Cloud. It will appear on Kindle devices and apps only.

ePUB Version

There are many popular viewers for EPUB such as
Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, and the Firefox extension "EPUBReader" which lets you view files directly in Firefox.

PDF Version

To read and print a PDF file, you must have PDF reader installed on your computer. Some systems have a built-in PDF viewer but if not, you can
download a version suitable for your system, free of charge, from Adobe.

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