Is The Plugin Compatible with [XYZ] Visual Page Builder?

Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer to this question. By default, our plugin does not analyze content that is outside of the main content box of a page or post. Some visual composer developers have modified their code to add compatibility with our plugins while others have not.

If you are using a plugin or theme that doesn’t send their content to our page analysis, please reach out the developer and ask them about adding the functionality to their visual builder. They may need to use the developer process described here to parse their content and push it into our analysis.

Please note that some features, like the readability markers, may be disabled when using page builders.

Why Is This Not Included By Yoast?

A while back, we tried to parse shortcodes and other plugin’s content but the outcome was a broken SEO plugin on a large number of sites. We reverted the changes and added a process for developers to parse their own content and push it into our content analysis in order to improve compatibility.

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