Prevent redirects to about page and intro tours

When you update Yoast SEO you'll sometimes be redirected to our about pages. If you maintain a lot of blogs, this can be annoying. Similarly, our tracking popup as well as our introduction tour aren't really needed if you have 30 blogs too. To fix this, you can simply filter the contents of our main option using the WordPress core option_{option} filter (documentation for that can be found here).

This is example code that gets rid of all three, you could add this to a must-use plugin or a functionality plugin:

/* Filter the contents of the Yoast SEO options
 * @param array $option The Yoast SEO main option values
 * @return array

add_filter( 'option_wpseo', 'filter_yst_wpseo_option' );

function filter_yst_wpseo_option( $option ) {
  // Prevent redirects to the about page
  $option['seen_about'] = true;

  // Prevent showing the tour popup
  $option['ignore_tour'] = true;

  // Prevent showing the tracking popup
  $option['tracking_popup_done'] = true;

  /* Allows our anonymous usage tracking
   * We'd appreciate this :)
  $option['allow_tracking'] = true;
  return $option;

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