Setting your archives to show excerpts

As of December 28, 2016, we discontinued our reviews.

If you're showing full articles on your archives pages, we've probably advised you to set them to display excerpts. There are several options to do this:

  • Look through your theme's options. Many, many themes have an option to show excerpts instead of full content and this is by far the easiest solution.
  • Contact your theme developer if you didn't develop the theme yourself and ask him how to do this.
  • Change your theme's template files for the specific archives. This could be several files, depending on which archives you want to change. Most likely it's category.php, tag.php or index.php, but it could be several other things. The WordPress template hierarchy can tell you more about which files it could be.
  • Use a plugin to fix the problem. We like Easy Custom Excerpts as it has a few options on where to break the excerpt.

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