Twitter Sharing Not Working

Last update: 28 June, 2018

There are a number of reasons that sharing on Twitter fails to display correctly. Twitter's card validator will provide you with a lot of information that might help narrow down the issue.

Your content is cached by Twitter for 7 days after a link to your page with card markup has been published in a tweet.

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How to use Twitter's card validator

  • Go to Twitter's card validator. Login, if requested.
  • Enter the URL you wish to check.
  • Click 'Preview card'. Twitter Card validator
  • A preview is displayed under 'Card preview' and under the preview is a log of what Twitter found.

Image not working?

Please make sure the image meets the requirements for the card type: Summary card or Summary with large image card

The card validator can, also, be used on direct image URLs to check for errors.

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