Usage Guide for User Profile Widget

Allows for the display of User Profiles in a sidebar.

Field Descriptions

Title: This is the title that appears at the top the widget.

Select a user: Select the user to display in the widget. Joost is selected is this example.

Gravatar Size: Select the size of the image to display next to the author bio.

Gravatar Alignment: Select if you want the image to be on the right or left side of the author bio.

Author Description: Select Author Bio if you want to use the biographical info entered under Users > Profile for the selected user. Select custom text and manually enter the biographical info you want to appear.

About Me Page: Select the page where your full about me section resides or select None if you do not have one.

Extended page link text: This is the anchor text that will be used to link to the about me page selected above. This is not used if you select ‘None’ above.

Show Author Archive Link: Check this box if you want a link to the archive page for the selected author.

Widget Example

Here is a sample of what the widget will look like in your sidebar.

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