Google Sitelinks Search Box

Early September 2014 Google introduced a new type of Rich Snippet; the Sitelinks Search Box.

What is this Sitelinks Search Box?

The Sitelinks Search Box is a search box that appears within a result on Google. It allows you to search on a website that was shown in the search results on Google. Sounds vague? We will clarify this with a short story.

Let’s say a friend told you about a movie with a cute kitten on a website where you can watch all sorts of videos that have been uploaded by random people. You’ve forgotten the exact URL, but you remembered that the website’s called YouTube. So, you go to and enter ‘youtube’. Google now serves you the following results, where the first one has the new Sitelinks Search Box.

So, this Sitelinks Search Box will allow you to search for ‘cute kitten’ before you even entered the website ( itself.

How can I use the Sitelinks Search Box?

You don’t have to do anything. All necessary code is already in the plugin!

How can I change the URL used for the Sitelinks Search Box?

You can change the URL by adding this code to your functions.php file.

How can I disable the Sitelinks Search Box?

You can disable the functionality by adding this code to your functions.php file.

Where can I find Google’s documentation?

You can find the documentation here.

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