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My Yoast Quickstart guide

My Yoast is the customer portal where you can find and manage all the Yoast SEO products you own. If you don’t have an account yet or want to know how it all works, this guide will get you started.

Table of Contents

  1. Creating a My Yoast account
  2. Finding and installing your products
  3. Connecting your subscription to the plugin using My Yoast
  4. Configuring your products
  5. Switching subscriptions from one site to another
  6. Removing a site from My Yoast
  7. Finding orders and invoices
  8. Changing your account settings
  9. Deleting your My Yoast account
  10. Troubleshooting

1. Creating a My Yoast account

I’m a new customer

The moment you buy your first Yoast product, a My Yoast account will be created for the email address you use during checkout. To activate your account, visit this link and set a password.

I’m a returning customer

If you already bought something from us before August 2017, a new account has already been automatically created for you. To activate it, visit this link and set a password.

Once your account is activated, you can log in at my.yoast.com.

2. Finding and installing your products

Once you have logged in, click on Downloads in the menu to find the plugins and ebooks you bought.

Not sure how to install a plugin on your site? Read our installation guides. Once you’ve successfully installed the plugin, move to step 3.

Note: SEO training courses from Yoast Academy are not listed on this page, those can be found by visiting the Courses page in the My Yoast menu or going to Yoast Academy directly. Also, Academy accounts are not yet synced with My Yoast accounts, so your My Yoast credentials will not work there, you have to register an Academy account through the email you receive after you buy a course.

3. Connecting the plugin to your subscription using My Yoast

To receive all the benefits of our Premium plugins, they have to be connected to your subscription, after installation and activation on your website. My Yoast takes away the need to find and copy-paste license keys by directly connecting the site that’s running the plugin to your My Yoast account. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Assuming you successfully installed and activated your plugin of choice in the steps above, go to the Sites page in My Yoast.
  2. Click the big green +ADD SITE button, and enter the URL of the site running the plugin (including the http:// or https:// prefix)
  3. Once your site has been successfully added to the list, click the Manage button.
  4. In here, you have access to all the Yoast SEO subscriptions you have. To connect a particular subscription to the plugin on your site, toggle the button in front of the subscription to the ON position. The setting is saved automatically.
  5. You’re done! The subscription is connected to the plugin on your site.

4. Configuring your products

Once you have installed the plugin on your site and connected the subscription to your website in My Yoast, you are ready to configure your plugin.

Not sure how to configure a plugin on your site? Read our configuration guides. Once you’ve successfully configured the plugin, you are ready to use it. Feel free to read the following steps for additional information about My Yoast.

5. Switching subscriptions from one site to another

If you connected a subscription to a plugin on a site, but decided you want to use it on a different site, that’s easy to do:

  1. In the Sites overview, click Manage on the site that’s currently using the plugin and turn it OFF there.
  2. Install the plugin on the site you want to start using it on. (read our installation guides if you’re not sure how)
  3. Follow the instructions listed in step 3 to connect the plugin again on the new site.

6. Removing a site from My Yoast

If you want to remove a site from My Yoast, you can do so from the Site Detail screen. Expand the Danger Zone area below the list of plugins, and press the Remove Site button. Any active subscriptions for this site will be freed up again. This will however not remove the plugin from that particular site.

7. Finding orders and invoices

If you need to download an invoice or look up the order number, you can find all that information by clicking Account in the My Yoast menu. Use the navigation at the top of the page to switch between subscriptions, orders, and your account info.

8. Changing your account settings

Go to Account > Profile in My Yoast. Here you can change your email address and password.*

Your avatar is pulled from Gravatar – it is tied to your email address, so you cannot change it manually here, you’ll have to do that on gravatar.com.

*See 10.4 if this is not working for you.

9. Deleting your My Yoast account

If you want to stop using Yoast products completely for whatever reason, you can disable your account. This can be done on the Account > Profile page, by clicking the Delete Account button in the Danger Zone. This will revoke all active subscriptions and shut down the account.

10. Troubleshooting

10.1 What to do if I have multiple My Yoast accounts?

It could be that you ended up with multiple accounts, either because you used different email addresses during checkout*, or because something may have gone wrong on the technical side. If so, please contact support.

*If you have a My Yoast account, be sure to login during checkout so your new purchase gets registered to the right account.

10.2 A product I bought isn’t listed in my account.

This could be because of 10.1, or because something else has gone wrong with either your payment or something technical on our end. In this case please contact support.

10.3 Can I use Yoast products without a My Yoast account?

Yes, already installed products can still be used without a My Yoast account. However, our licensing is done by adding your site in your My Yoast account and activating the relevant plugins. Additionally, any downloads for other products can only be found in your account and any premium plugins cannot be updated without a My Yoast account. Only Yoast SEO Free can still be used without a My Yoast account.

10.4 I cannot change my email or password!

There is a technical problem right now that causes problems if you try to change your email address or password from within My Yoast. As a workaround to change your password, sign out of your account and visit this link to request a password reset email. If you want to change your email address, please contact support.

10.5 The plugin still asks for a license key.

Please follow the steps listed here.